About Dr. Rudolf Lütke Schwienhorst

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Advisory Board Member

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Dr. Rudolf Lütke Schwienhorst has been working as a freelance consultant for more than 20 years. In 1993, he founded „Partner im Dialog GmbH“ in order to consistently work on the connection between hard facts (strategies, structures, processes) and soft facts (cultures, emotions, relations) in consulting. This is why he interprets the name of his company as his mission: It is about dialog with his clients from top management to help them find the right answers themselves.

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Thereby, he combines analytical precision with conceptual courage and empathy for organizations and people. His main focus is on strategic, organizational and leadership issues, as these are the topics for which most corporate leaders do not find suitable counterparts who combine the required competencies with a neutral external perspective and the good will of a person who solely cares about the development of the company and its leaders.

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Dr. Lütke Schwienhorst supports companies in managing change – with a clear view on hard necessities based on the corporate strategy as well as cultural specifics as key factors for change.
Dr. Lütke Schwienhorst’s has several decades of experience with a broad range of strategic, organizational and leadership issues – in theory and practice.