Andrea, Consultant

“Consocium is a very helpful platform for me because they also offer part-time projects. This is how I can combine my activities as trainer and coach with consulting projects.”

Hans-Christian, Consultant

„I am a member of the network because Consocium is ideally adapted to my business model and my needs. Not only are both Managing Directors, Elena and Christoph, very pleasant and empathic, but they also know the consulting business with all the characteristics extremely well. Recently my collaboration with Consocium has already yielded a first project for me.“

Matching Projects and Freelancers

More Opportunities – More Possibilities – More Success

Are you Familiar with the Following Challenges?

As a freelancer, how do you manage to sell the right number of new projects to consistently ensure the desired workload?

How do you react to new project opportunities with your clients if a project is too large for a single consultant or if you are already committed to another assignment?

How do you manage your personal career development?
Where can you exchange with colleagues and expand your network without giving up your independence as a freelancer?

Consocium has the solution for you!

We offer attractive projects in the areas of strategy consulting, general management consulting and project management.
Project Matching

Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Projekte mit hochqualifizierten Kollegen aus unserem Netzwerk zu bearbeiten oder an sie abzugeben – und dabei an dem Vertriebserfolg zu partizipieren.
Sales Partnership

We support your career development through client feedbacks and special conditions with our partners in the field of professional trainings.
Professional Development
We enlarge your opportunities for networking and exchange through regular meetings with our network of consultants and companies.

Project Matching

What We Do – Our Focus

In the field of general management consulting, we act as project commissioners across industries and corporate functions. Strategy, M&A and reorganization projects are equally part of our scope as Operational Excellence and process optimization. Transformation and implementation programs including project and change management perfectly complete our range of activities. We offer a wide range from traditional full-time projects to part-time missions or the facilitation of individual workshops.

Our clients include large corporations and small or medium-sized organizations as well as consulting firms looking for resources and experts to complete their project teams.


We contact you as soon as your profile matches to a client´s request.


If you are interested in the project, we pass on your profile to the client.


If both sides are interested, you get to know the client in a face-to-face or telephone interview.

Project Agreement

You discuss the conditions directly with the client and close a project contract.


The project can start.

How it Works – Our Matching Process

Our matching process is easy and fast. In case of a project opportunity, the first step is that we get in contact with you to check your interest and availability. If you want to apply for the project, we pass on your profile to the client and establish the contact between both of you. Then you can discuss details directly with the client. If you reach an agreement, you can close a freelance contract directly with the client. Of course, we will be glad to support you in case you need help in the negotiation process.

The perfect match is highly important to us. We want our offer to really fit to your interests and qualifications. This is why we want to get to know you better. The first step in this process is to fill in your experience here. Afterwards, we will invite you to a personal interview to discuss your qualifications and interests in more detail.

What it Costs – Our Commissions

Membership in the Consocium network is free of charge for you. Only in case of a successful match, we charge a commission. Normally, it is 15% of the professional fees you realize with the client we have found for you. This can decrease to 6% in case of long project durations.

Who We Are Looking for – Your Qualifications

We look for freelance management consultants and experts with the highest quality standards.

  • Management Consultants: We are looking for first-class freelance consultants of all seniority levels with a background at one of the top management consulting firms or consulting boutiques.
  • Experts: We are looking for experts in specific industries or corporate functions with long-term experience in the respective areas of expertise.

What You Gain – Your Benefits

Increased Market Access

Get increased access to consulting projects through an additional sales channel which you can use optionally besides servicing your own client base

Perfect Match

Find consulting projects perfectly matching your profile thanks to our detailed matching process and long-term consulting experience

Entrepreneurial Freedom

Decide for yourself which projects you want to accept

Free Membership

Join our network free of charge – only pay a commission if we really find the right project for you

Join our network now!

No registration fee. No risk. Terminable any time!

Sales Partnership

Maybe you are familiar with one of the following situations:

  • A client asks you for support – but the project requires an entire team of consultants.
  • A client wants you to do a project for him – but you are already committed to another assignment.
  • One of your clients is looking for a consultant – but the task does not match your qualifications.

Sometimes, your own network can help in such situations. However, a friend with the required expertise is not always available – and not being able to serve a client may diminish the prospects for future business.

Consocium offers you a trustworthy and rewarding solution to such challenges.

Our broad network of top consultants offers you:

  • Suitable colleagues whom you can integrate into your project team, thus being able to accept larger projects confidently.
  • The perfect substitute for yourself – so that you can recommend an ideal consultant to your client even if you do not have capacity available yourself.
  • Consultants with competencies ideally matching your client’s needs.

To you, we offer a fair distribution of the gains and help protect your legitimate interests regarding potential follow-on projects – enabling you to turn your sales success into commercial success.

What Our Partners Say:

„The Consocium reference program is positive in several ways: First, it gives me a way to ensure that a project that I cannot take on myself can be passed on to a competent colleague via the Consocium network. On the other hand, I also like to recommend colleague to the Consocium network, because I have seen firsthand how it can help to ensure a steady flow of interesting projects for a freelance consultant. The fact that I also profit from this is nice, but secondary, knowing to put a project in competent hands and helping fellow colleagues is much more important. After all, that’s what a network is all about.“

Elias Völker

Consocium Network Member

„As a freelance consultant, my capacity is limited – that is logical. But what shall I do if I have done a good job with my client and he asks me for a recommendation for another project? Of course, I could try to get the necessary qualifications for that task. Or I can recommend another colleague. But what are the two greatest risks in such a situation?
The consultant I have recommended does not do a good job and my client is disappointed.
The consultant I have recommended does a superb job, sells more business with this client and thus destroys my chances for follow-on projects for myself.
It is helpful to have access to a network of experienced consultants you can confidently recommend to your clients and whom you can trust that they will behave fairly and transparently when you open up opportunities for them.
I have passed on such opportunities twice so far. In both instances, I probably could have done the jobs myself but was convinced that I would offer greater value to my clients by recommending a better qualified colleague. In both cases, I recommended Consocium consultants after interviewing them. Afterwards, they stood their ground and sold themselves. I have asked my clients for feedback and thus positioned myself as a true partner. The share of Consocium’s commission I received is a nice side effect.“

Günther Illert

Advisory Board Member and Consocium Network Member

Do you have questions or a specific need? Please do not hesitate to Contact us!

Professional Development

For freelancers, making progress in one’s career is not always easy. Unlike employed colleagues, a freelancer typically lacks the supporting infrastructure.

This is why Consocium supports you as a freelance consultant with the following offerings:

  • Trainings and opportunities for professional development
  • Structured client feedback
  • Opportunities to increase scope of activities (e.g. from consultant to project manager)
  • Opportunities for mentoring and coaching within the network
  • Supervision and peer support
  • Support for your personal positioning and marketing

All offerings are optional and we can offer special conditions for our members, e.g. for trainings. Contact us!


Consocium offers freelance consultants various opportunities for networking with other members.


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Increase Your Network

You get the opportunity to increase your network and to exchange with other freelance consultants. We regularly invite you to our network events where you can meet other consultants in your region.

New Expertise

Within our network, you get access to the expertise of other members – you decide about your own contributions.

More Opportunities – More Possibilities – More Success

Consocium offers you the necessary support.

No registration fees. No risk. Terminable any time!