Mentoring for Independent Consultants – Dr. Michael Heidecker

Special Offers

Are you interested in …

… discussing challenges of your business with an independent and experienced expert, jointly develop solutions, and possibly implement them together?

  • Improve your market position and effectiveness of business development
  • Increase client satisfaction without necessarily working more
  • Review and develop your personal skills

… solving project specific issues efficiently with a solution-driven mindset of a senior industry and consulting expert?

  • Functional topics (e.g., strategy, sales, cost efficiency)
  • Analytical topics (e.g., financial and process analysis)
  • “Soft” topics (e.g., expectation management, conflict management)

… reviewing work life balance with a neutral coach to resolve existing conflicts and find ways for a happier and (more) sustainable way of living?

  • Resolve existing crises
  • Increase overall satisfaction, e.g., by changing personal attitudes and lifestyle
  • Overcome the weaker self and persistently follow your desired path

What I am offering you

  • A free initial meeting in which we get to know each other, discuss your topics, and how I can support you
    • Know-how, contacts
    • Mentoring/coaching
    • Direct support
  • A cooperation plan (topics, objectives, time, budget) tailored to your specific needs
  • Flexible and needs-oriented cooperation without minimum scope. After every session you can
    decide whether and how to continue
  • Fair pricing that is oriented towards your own daily/hourly rates and needs

About me


  • 25 years’ experience in top management consulting (e.g., 10 years at BCG)
  • Successful entrepreneur (consulting, asset management) and investor
  • Longtime mentor for managers, self-employed, and founders of new businesses


  • Support people in self-development and becoming (even more) satisfied with their life
  • Shift my activities towards work that I consider as personally important and fulfilling
    irrespective of its economics


Are you interested? Call me without obligation at +49 (0)151 180 029 03 or
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