About Günther Illert

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Advisory Board Member

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Günther Illert Günther Illert is a freelance strategy consultant and coach. During 25 years in consulting, he supported more than 100 transformation projects. He knows what matters to execute change projects successfully: The big picture is equally important as the implementation in detail – and people are key in every step. His warm and enthusiastic style allows him to energize client teams and enable them to master unusual challenges.

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After his studies in Business Management, he worked as a product manager in the consumer goods industry for several years. After his MBA from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland, he started his career in strategy consulting at Gemini Consulting (later Capgemini), where he later led the Life Sciences Practice in Central Europe as Vice President. In addition, he was HR Director for Capgemini Consulting in Germany and Switzerland. Since 2011, he has been working as a freelance Strategy Coach (www.g-illert.de).

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Günther Illert is a passionate networker and established Healthcare Shapers, a healthcare consulting network, in 2013 (www.healthcareshapers.com). His enthusiasm for collaborative work – particularly in consulting – is the reason why he decided to join Consocium’s Advisory Board.